​Three Rivers Stocking Association

501(c)3 non-profit tax ID 30-0477212 organization committed to private fish stocking on the Isinglass, Cocheco, and Lamprey Rivers in southeast New Hampshire.

Around 2000, at the initiative of Great Bay Trout Unlimited, the NH Fish and Game Department made a rule change that opened the Lamprey River to allow a fall and winter recreational trout fishing season. That rule change initiated GBTU’s stocking of the Lamprey River at Wiswall and Packers Falls Dams.

Over the years, GBTU continued to stock the Lamprey River, and later the Cocheco and Isinglass Rivers.  GBTU also sought to gradually change the state regulations, from keeping five fish or five pounds to the following current rules:

                     "Artificial lures only, single barbless hook, and catch and release; C&R season being from

                                            October 16th to the 4th Saturday in April of the following year"

The first year’s stocking was small, approximately $500 worth of fish. Within a year, however, a $5,000 anonymous donation was made. The same donor repeated this gift in the next two years, providing a very large stocking budget and allowing GBTU to put in $4,000 worth of fish each fall. This fund, called the "Jack Brock Fund," was to be maintained by donations from anglers who enjoyed the fishing on these rivers.

Unfortunately, donations did not continue on a regular basis.  As a result, by 2006, the fund was nearly depleted. A special effort was made in 2007 to raise funds for the stocking program, but it met with limited success. In early 2008, GBTU discontinued its fall recreational stocking program.   The decision was made in order to concentrate GBTU’s financial resources on more defined conservation related matters in line with its stated mission.

 Three Rivers Stocking Association is Formed

Faced with a loss of this highly popular stocking program, five local anglers joined forces and 

formed a nonprofit whose purpose was to obtain donations to continue stocking the three rivers.

In its first year, Three Rivers was fortunate to receive a number of generous donations. Waste Management

contributed $2,200. Two other businesses anonimously donated $500. The five founders of TRSA pooled

their money to contribute $2200 and approximately a dozen anglers donated $1000.  As a result, a total of

approximately 1,130 rainbow trout, ranging in size from 10 to 20 inches long, were stocked in the Isinglass,

Cocheco, and Lamprey Rivers.

Starting in 2014, we were lucky enough to start receiving supplemental stocking from NH Fish and Game in

late November of around 400 very nice Brook and Brown trout for the Cocheco.  

Our stocking program has grown tremendously. We currently stock our three rivers with

more than 750 fish in EACH river. This increase has come from the success of our annual auction held

each fall, donations from many anglers, and the generous donations of Waste Management, Kittery Trading Post, 

and Formax.